President - Charlie Wyatt (USWA # 104)   
Vice-President - Kim Musgrave (IBEW # 16)   
Treasurer - Michael Dennis (Insulators # 37)   
Recording Secretary - Cheryl Dau (USWA # 104)  
131st Labor Day Celebration - September 1 - 4, 2017 - Gibson County Fairgrounds, Princeton, IN
Labor Education Foundation
Indiana AFL-CIO
Official Indiana State Picking & Fiddling Championships

Labor Day Celebrations
List of Locations the Labor Day Celebration has been held.
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2017Princeton, IN 2016Boonville, IN 2015Petersburg, IN 
2014Princeton, IN 2013Boonville, IN 2012Petersburg, IN 
2011Princeton, IN 2010Boonville, IN 2009Princeton, IN 
2008Petersburg, IN 2007Princeton, IN 2006Boonville, IN 
2005Evansville, IN 2004Princeton, IN 2003Boonville, IN 
2002Evansville, IN 2001Princeton, IN 2000Boonville, IN 
1999Evansville, IN 1998Princeton, IN 1997Boonville, IN 
1996Evansville, IN 1995Princeton, IN 1994Boonville, IN 
1993Evansville, IN 1992Princeton, IN 1991Boonville, IN 
1990Princeton, IN 1989Boonville, IN 1988Princeton, IN 
1987Boonville, IN 1986Princeton, IN 1985Boonville, IN 
1984Princeton, IN 1983Princeton, IN 1982Boonville, IN 
1981Boonville, IN 1980Princeton, IN 1979Boonville, IN 
1978Boonville, IN 1977Boonville, IN 1976Boonville, IN 
1975Princeton, IN 1974Boonville, IN 1973Princeton, IN 
1972Boonville, IN 1971Princeton, IN 1970Princeton, IN 
1969Princeton, IN 1968Boonville, IN 1967Princeton, IN 
1966Princeton, IN 1965Petersburg, IN 1964Princeton, IN 
1963Boonville, IN 1962Princeton, IN 1961Princeton, IN 
1960Petersburg, IN 1959Princeton, IN 1958Oakland City, IN 
1957Petersburg, IN 1956Princeton, IN 1955Oakland City, IN 
1954Princeton, IN 1953Boonville, IN 1952Petersburg, IN 
1951Princeton, IN 1950Boonville, IN 1949Princeton, IN 
1948Boonville, IN 1947Princeton, IN 1946Boonville, IN 
1945Princeton, IN 1944Boonville, IN 1943Princeton, IN 
1942Evansville, IN 1941Boonville, IN 1940Mt Carmel, IL 
1939Princeton, IN 1938Boonville, IN 1937Vincennes, IN 
1936Princeton, IN 1935Boonville, IN 1934Princeton, IN 
1933Princeton, IN 1932Washington, IN 1931Princeton, IN 
1930Princeton, IN 1929Boonville, IN 1928Princeton, IN 
1927Princeton, IN 1926Princeton, IN 1925Petersburg, IN 
1924Evansville, IN 1923Evansville, IN 1922Princeton, IN 
1921Princeton, IN 1920Evansville, IN 1919Princeton, IN 
1918Fort Branch, IN 1917Princeton, IN 1916Princeton, IN 
1915Evansville, IN 1914Princeton, IN 1913Evansville, IN 
1912Evansville, IN 1911Evansville, IN 1910Evansville, IN 
1909Vincennes, IN 1908Mt Carmel, IL 1907Vincennes, IN 
1906Sullivan, IN 1905Vincennes, IN 1904Princeton, IN 
1903Mt Carmel, IL 1902Princeton, IN 1901Evansville, IN 
1900Petersburg, IN 1899Hosmer, IN 1898Vincennes, IN 
1888city unknown 1887city unknown 1886Princeton, IN  All Rights Reserved.
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